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new rules






 Will there be any other parties at the same time?

No you have the venue exclusive to you and your booking only. We have also put more time in between the parties to ensure there are no cross overs.

YES absoluelty. We always did this anyway but now we have scheduled in extra time to ensure a full clean down is not rushed  and for the extra safety screens thats need cleaning down and to make sure we have plenty of time for the disinfectant to get to work.

 Will the venue be cleaned in between parties?

 Are parents allowed to stay?

We would never tell a parent they have to leave their child, but we are asking in your help to reduce the number of parents.


Ofcourse the parents of the party are expected be there at all times and they are asked if they can wear a mask when around the party guests.


Since re-opening other guests have been more than happy to wait in their cars or in a seperate room once dropping off. We are close to lots of restaurants and Fosse park shopping if you wanted to drop off and collect. The parties last for 2 hours.


If you have very little ones its understandable they dont want their parents to leave, in those cases we are encouraging smaller party sizes of just 8 children to so we have room for the parents too. Those parents will be asked to wear a mask if less than 2 metres from another parent/ child /staff


We are very friendly and understanding, im a mum myself so I know how you will be feeling.


Hopefully as the restrictions lift we can allow the parent and child ratio to return to normal. If you have any questions the best thing is to call us so we can clarify for you rather than there being any confusion our number is 07783429464

Is there now a restriction of the number of kids?

Yes we have reduced this to 6 people for now


If you need to clarify this please call us on 07783429464

Are the staff tested for covid and do they wear a mask?

We have a new procedure with all staff


They are contacted 48 hours before their shift to check they are ok and to see if they are displaying any symptoms. If so they are advised to get a test and cannot return to work until they have either


1- had a test and its negative - even in this case we ask them to stay home for 48hours incase of any 24hour bug type going around.


2- If they test positive they are asked to stay home for 14 days to quarantine. They are not allowed any contact with other team members for 21 days.


All staff on arrival to work


- have their temperatures checked before entering the party room.

- Get asked again if they are displaying any of the covid-19 symptoms

- wash their hands before entering the party room


It is vital for us to check they are fit and well for work.


All staff have been put into a "bubble" so if 1 person in their bubble gets ill, we will ask the rest of the team to get a test and stay home too.


Staff have been advised to avoid using public transport to get to and from work


Uniform can only be worn in work and not while travelling to and from work.


Beauty- All staff carrying out hair/ beauty/ spa  treatments have to wear and mask and visor together


Party/ waiting staff - have to wear a mask or visor when not doing any beauty treatments.



If you have any questions

or want to clarify anything on the questions above


PLEASE GIVE US A CALL - 07783429464


Please don't just assume or use other businesses rules a "norm" for our business.


We are very happy to answer any questions and find solutions if you think there could be an issue.



- temperature checks taken on arrival

- Hand washing before entering our spa and party rooms

- Track and trace system in place

- Safety screens where needed

- One way system in place


- Longer times in between bookings for a thorough cleaning of all the usual cleaning plus cleaning down of door handles, rails, toilets etc etc


- Drop and go policy for parents, only the parents of the party will be able to stay


- Parents of the party must wear face masks, wash their hands on arrival and have their temperature taken






-Staff are called 48 hours before their shifts to check for symptoms and if they are well for work


-All staff have their temperature taken on arrival


- staff will wear mask and/ or visors


- staff have agreed not to take public transport to and from work


- Uniform to only be worn inside the building not going and coming to work


- Staff have been put into “work bubbles”


- all staff have been given specialised infection control advanced training


Parties have been capped at 6 people for now